Somfy controls

All of our motorised blinds are powered by Somfy components and backed by a 5 year guarantee.

Somfy are a world leader in the manufacture and design of tubular motor technology since 1960 and produce in excess of 20,000 motors each year.

Internally, we are able to offer battery operated motors, quiet motors, 240v hard wired, 240v radio transmitted solutions, solar controlled automatic systems, automatic timers and low voltage systems.

Externally you can choose from 240v hard wired, 240v radio transmitted, sun & wind automatic controls, vibration safety sensors or automatic timers.

Our specialist systems are designed for creating scenarios and running them in manual or automatic mode.

The Impresario Chronis RTS Remote control to name, can create and record different environments and favourite activities (going out for a short period, parties, home cinema sessions, presence simulations, etc.) in the form of scenarios.

Each scenario controls the simultaneous movement of different applications (roller shutters, indoor blinds, awnings, gate, garage door, etc.) irrespective of their location. You can create up to 16 "scenarios" controlling up to 40 applications selected according to the time of day, season or activity.

Each application can go up or down or return to its "my" favourite position independently of all the others.

Using the integrated timer, you can ring the changes on times as you choose, with up to 4 scenarios per day.

With the Automatic/Manual function, you can override the programming at any time.

With the Impresario Chronis RTS, you will be in control.

Alternatively the Telis Modulis RTS, a Multi-channel radio handset with precise tilting function. It is designed to control several Venetian blinds, individually or as a group.

Precise tilt adjustment of Venetian blind slats with a scrolling central thumbwheel with raise, lower and stop functions, and favourite

<< my >> position.

With Somfy we are able to offer solutions to almost every eventuality. With motors and modules designed for simple one off blinds to multiple units suiting every application, situation and budget.

If you want something simple, special or complex, please contact us for your solution.