Plantation shutters have become the must have window accessory with their slim stylish appearance. Designed originally as an external window covering in hot climates, window and door shutters will transform any room into a light and airy space, give shade from the sun and perform fantastically when retaining heat in the winter as insulation values are at the highest level. Not will windows be a stylish addition to your windows, they also provide extra security for your home. Here we have detailed a selection of shutter which you can order online or come and see for yourself in one of our showrooms.

Plantation shutters have become the must have window accessory with their slim sexy appearance and look and perform at the highest level.

Designed originally as an external window covering in hot climates, window and door shutters will transform any room into a light and airy space, give shade from the sun and perform fantastically when retaining heat in the winter as insulation values are at the highest level. They also contribute towards security for a would be thief as shutters are yet another obstacle to overcome.

Vancouver Range

Generally acknowledged as the best wooden shutters there are and our shutters are no exception. Made from Western Red Cedar, Cedar wood Shutters are available in painted, lacquered or oiled finishes. The "oiled" finish option provides the most natural appearance of any shutter available. The natural choice for barns and warehouse conversions.

Main benefits:

  • Natural Oiled Finish, very matt in appearance
  • Very light, good for conservatory roof shutters installations
  • Elegant fine grain shows through paint finish with slight ripple effect
  • Will last as long as your house will (probably!)
  • Great in humid conditions, can even be used outside

Portland range

Our Portland shutter range is made from very robust and high quality hardwood, with an engineered core to prevent any possibility of warping. Portland shutters are well suited to areas where extra durability is required either around the home or for commercial premises. This range can be made to your special requirements with different thickness stiles and rails or even Louvres. The architects choice for true custom shutters.

Main benefits:

  • Beautiful tight grain with smooth finish
  • Very strong and robust hardwood
  • Ideal for commercial applications where a wood product is preferred

Phoenix range

The Phoenix Shutter is made in a very light, grainy timber offering a superb character look stained and paint finished. It's is ideal on very wide openings where tracking is not desired. It is also used for conservatory roof shutters. It is also our most eco timber as it is grown to full height in only 8 years and harvested like wheat. It is grown to make shutters thereby locking up carbon better than the Kyoto treaty does.

Main benefits:

  • Very light, idea for conservatory roof shutters
  • Very real character and rich colours when stained
  • Good for very large partitions and openings where tracking is not desirable
  • When paint finished has good texture

Seattle range

Durable and low cost the Seattle MDF Shutter is engineered with an LVL core, LDF outer body and polymer coated in a choice of Five white extremely durable finishes. For very low priced plantation shutters MDF is the most popular choice, it is mainly purchased for its budget price but premium looks.

Maintenance free and very strong, with a wipe clean surface and impervious to kids with crayons it is also the interior designer's contemporary choice.

Main benefits:

  • Very Durable Shutters
  • Very low cost Shutters
  • Hard to tell apart from plantation shutters costing twice as much
  • Window shutters that never need repainting

Boston range

High quality but low price, the Boston Basswood Shutters Range is crafted from solid basswood.

Basswood is a very competitively priced wood and a popular material for shutters. All shutter stiles have mortise and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability. We have kept the price low by offering limited options and colours. We also use MDF frames but this is not noticeable.

Main benefits:

  • Low priced, high quality
  • Tough but feels really good when clicking open and shut
  • Best value wood shutters on the UK market

Hollywood range

Our New Bathroom Shutter is NOW available. Constructed from ABS with a Matt finish and reinforced style this range is ideal for harsh environments. Suitable for bathrooms and wet damp areas this tough but elegant shutter range will look at home in any situation.

Main benefits:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Hardwearing and robust
  • Colour range of 6 Whites

Styles, shapes & Louvre widths

Full height

Cafe style

Tier on tier

Special Shapes


Specialist fitting, finishing & FAQ

Our shutters are fitted by ourexperienced fitters however,It is possible of course to buy them DIY and either fit them yourself or have a tradesman fit them for you but the time, risk and stress will probably negate the saving.

In the USA, where these products originated, shutters are fitted to timber frame buildings and window surrounds which, by and large, are square. The UK"™s housing stock invariably does not have these properties, window openings rarely have the same width the entire height and sills are not normally perfectly level. Apart from sash windows, (which are relatively easy to fit shutters on,) casement windows and doors have intruding skirting boards, picture/dado rails and other obstacles such as telephone lines exactly where you want to place the frames, making the task more akin to shop fitting than pure carpentry.

Shutters are fitted to Frames and Frames are fitted to where the shutters are going to hang. It is never advisable to hang shutters directly off the existing structures, such as deep window frames or door surrounds because it is the frame which is altered to get opposing shutters to meet perfectly and to hang straight. It is virtually impossible to measure accurately enough to have multiple panels, hinged together, made in wood, fit to the millimetre, an existing opening, perfectly. With the light behind any gap will be very noticeable.

Our most experienced shutter fitter will fit to best endeavour but it would be fair to say that you will never get 100% perfection with fitting true and square panels to openings that are not true and square but the on-site adjusted frames will take out most of this and you will end up with openings that appear more square than before the shutters were fitted.

Where Are Shutters Fitted?

Shutters can be fitted to windows, doors, glass roof spaces and used as partitions.

Here in the UK we have 2 basic types of windows, casement and sash.

Older Sash Windows are normally fitted nearly flush with the inside walls, making them perfect for shutters as the shutters will fold back against the walls when open and can be fitted to the sash box section that hides the weights. Newer UVPC sash windows can be tricky to fit to especially if they are the tilt turn variety. (Fortunately not popular.)

Casement Windows, which appeared mainly after 1925, open outwards and are fitted on the outside of the house with a window sill, normally of about 8 inches, 200mm. In these cases we try to fit as close the window as possible, avoiding handles hitting Louvre blades of course, and opening perpendicular, normally protruding into the room about as much as a radiator would. If you want the shutters to fold back against the walls then you need to fit flush with the opening and we have a Z frame which fits around the corner of the reveal that makes this an easy and good looking option.

Patio Door and Partitions with wide openings over 2.5M usually will use a track at the top suspending the shutters, for wider opening there may also be a bottom track to guide the shutters and keep them firmly in position. Tracked shutters can span very wide openings. Some in excess of 8M have been achieved successfully.

Glass Roof, Conservatory and Velux style windows are all common openings for shutters. We have developed special frames and bolts specifically for hanging shutter panels in near and totally horizontal positions. We also have remote control options for Louvre tilt control for those hard to reach places.

Triangular and Arched windows and doors, found in conservatory roofs, apex windows and architectural features are also typical shutter choice openings. Sometimes they are the only shading/privacy solution possible and our shutters are very well suited to these.

Unlike the simplicity of fitting a window blind, shutters are a specialist project for most as the majority of windows and doors are not level or square.Bay windows in particular.


As with all of our products, we offer a number of special options and finishes to make your shutters bespoke

  • Choose from manual or electric control
  • Select optional hinge & furniture finishes
  • Professional mastic edging

No matter what size or shape your windows and doors, we can guarantee a long lasting, perfect fit every time.