School Interior Blinds

Internal sun blinds for schools have become an important part of equipment mainly due to the introduction of interactive computer screens and maximising their use has to be balanced with light levels.

Roller blinds are a fantastic way of reducing solar gain and light levels while Verticals can be useful for reflecting sun in a different direction.
Operation of Roller blinds can be manual side chain, electric or gear control and while the chain operation is a less expensive option, the gear control blinds will outlast these by years and years.

Gear operated blinds are far more child safe with a detachable winding handle and stop unwanted usage by pupils and infants.
Vertical blinds have manual draw cords, electric or wand operation. The latter being the best safe system in schools.

We are able to make various internal blind styles for schools including Pleated, Venetian and roman. All blinds are fitted with "Child safety cord devices" and our fabrics are FR (Fire rated) commercial quality.All blinds are manufactured using corrosion resistant materials and products to guard against ultra-violate degradation for long life and the minimum of maintenance.


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