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Patio awnings

Enjoy those hot summer days and breezy nights with one of our stylish Patio Awnings. We have awning systems that will cope with almost any eventuality, stay dry in a shower or shady in a heat-wave when you choose from our huge range of styles and systems. Crafted for your individual application, our awning systems are built with both advanced technology and lasting qualities. Here we have detailed a selection of options, or come and visit our showrooms to get a real perspective on what would suit your patio.


Imagine the difference to your quality of life with a patio awning from Aquarius Blinds.
Not only will you enjoy life in those hot summer days, but also the evenings when you don't have to go inside because the light is a little low, begins to get chilly or rains, because we have awning systems that will cope will almost every eventuality.

With so many awning types available on the market today, it is very difficult for a consumer to choose an awning as some systems look so similar to the untrained eye one would think they are the same. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.
Crafted for your individual application, our awning systems are built with both advanced technology and lasting qualities.


Come along to our showroom and see for yourself



Quality in every detail


Innovative development in both systems and coverings, make our systems almost maintenance free.


  • 5 year warranty on all awning systems
  • Durable long life engineered components 
  • Large choice of frame colours
  • Over 250 fabrics to choose from
  • Elegant modern designs
  • Intelligent technology
  • Fully automated systems

Our awning systems come as standard with Polyester Powder coated finish in a variety of colours or you can choose an optional special non standard finish in recognised RAL colour or special "Nano coating" a specialist finish with self cleaning innovation.

5 year warranty

With the purchase of an awning from Aquarius you have chosen a high class product. All fabrics are produced on state of the art weaving looms. This guarantees an extremely high degree of perfection. Meticulous checks ensure that we only ever supply and install flawless covers to our awnings. With options to choose either our classic Acrylic in a choice of over 100 shades or our self cleaning SNC fabric in 88 designs you will find the right ambiance for your style of living.


Patio awnings come in a variety of types designed around individual needs. Our systems are suitable for everyone regardless of your budget. Here we show a small selection of what we offer and as a specialist we can offer advice and tailor a system to give maximum benefits to you and you pocket.

Open awnings


Open awnings do not have a protective cassette. They are particularly suitable for locations under wall projections, overhanging roofs or balcony ceilings which protect the retracted awning from the elements


Semi enclosed


The retracted awning including arms, fabric and front rail are protected by a weather board located over the awning. This means that the awning is better protected than an open one.


Cassette awnings


Cassette awnings are the ideal solution – when retracted they provide all-round protection for the awning fabric and the mechanism. The awning is ideally protected, ensuring a long service life.



Patio roof systems


Designed for all year use our patio roof systems offer large projections where the width is limited and complimented with ground legs to support the system even in inclement weather.



Free standing systems


Our stand alone range is a framing system to take any of our awning systems. Combine any 2 awnings fitted back to back for that ambience like no other. Combine this with side screens and lights/heaters and you have a complete outdoor room.



Our systems can do a lot more

  • RTS radio remote electric control
  • Sun & wind automatic command
  • Weather control systems
  • Safety vibration retraction
  • Spot lights
  • Infra red heaters
  • Side wind screens
  • Shade plus


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Markilux Pergola 780/880 awning

Designed to be discreet when not required this system is a gem for special applications such as above or below a timber constructed pergola frame or the roof of a lean too conservatory roof.

Available in a square or rounded housing design and 2 different powder coated colours as standard you can enjoy protection from the harmful sun rays by simply pushing a button or winding the gearbox for instant protection.


Totally logical. Typically markilux.


Cassette / Mounting:

This supports your markilux and is particularly stable. The awning is available up to a size of approx. 12 mē. The continuous profile provides a light, individual mounting of the unit while larger systems have an additional cover support tube so that the cover is even more stable. Pre-assembly and the patented clip-on mountings mean that fitting can be carried out very quickly.



All markilux awning covers can be used, but markilux transolair is particularly recommended as this allows you to see out whilst providing pleasant shade.



The awning is maximum 400 cm long. The track profiles can jut out over the edge of the shade area by up to 80 cm.



The awning is operated manually fitted with a universal joint and winding handle with bayonet fitting or an electric motor (tubular motor with electronic limit switching) is available as a special accessory.


Special features:

The tensioning system with the variable belt system made from elastic fabric provides a particularly taut sit (maximum cloth tensioning when the awning is completely extended, the cloth will droop in intermediate positions this is for construction reasons).

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Markilux 990

The upgraded design of the Markilux 990 is a firm favourite for domestic applications due to the compact design and elegant appearance. Designed and manufactured in Germany by Schmitze-werke this torque bar free system can be fitted up to a width of 5000mm and project with an arm length of up to 3000mm allowing coverage of most patio or decking applications. Choose any of the 188 Swela fabrics and optional accessories from our catalogue.

Design features

  • Appealing overall appearance thanks to the torque bar-free construction and especially compact cassette, 125 mm in height
  • The special cassette shape surrounds the roller tube even when the awning is extended so lending an overall harmonious appearance.
  • For long-lasting attractiveness the awning has been powder coated.
  • Awning covers made from acrylic yarns or sunsilk SNC with self-cleaning effect.

Technical highlights

  • When the awning is closed the folding arms are protected behind the front profile.
  • Front profile with integrated gutter and hidden water drainage spouts.
  • The 85 mm roller tube ensures the highest rigidity and the best possible cover winding characteristics even at the largest widths.
  • Folding arms with perfected power transference by means of a round, steel-link chain.
  • Folding arms with drop-forged aluminium moving components and Teflon-coated bronze bushes, which provide superior stability and longevity.

Optional accessories

  • In the case of manual operation ease of use is ensured with the spring assisted gearbox.
  • Hard-wired motor drive (optionally with automatic controls) for simple, relaxed operation.
  • Radio-controlled motor with handheld transmitter for ease of operation - and ergonomically crafted for ease of use.
  • An easily connected radio-controlled sun and wind sensor guarantees comfort and protection even during your absence.
  • Wall sealing profile to cover the gap between awning and wall

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The Markilux 1500 range

With snazzy details such as different coloured end sections, dimmable spot lights and central pitch pavilion system, you will be the talk of your friends when you next entertain.
Not only is this system variable in so many different ways it is also possible to extend outwards much further than it is wide unlike many other systems on the market due to its unique lap over arm system.

The oval-shaped gas tensioned arms ensure a taut cover.

The 50 mm round steel torque bar is extremely twist-resistant and the roller has a powerful, 85 mm diameter. The Markilux 1500 is equipped with gas tensioned arms while the 1600 and Pavilion systems have twin steel link chains at the elbow point. A wall mounting profile is available as an option.

Technical features
The top gutter is equipped with a brush, which cleans larger dirt particles from the cover during the retraction process. A special mechanism ensures that the top gutter is adjusted to the awning inclination, so that no gaps or overlaps occur. A wall mounting profile is available as an option.

The Markilux 1500/1550/1600 & Pavilion system is available in widths of up to 6.6 m or with a maximum drop of 3.5 m as a single system or the 1500 & 1550 has a massive 13.0 meter width as a coupled unit. Exceptionally wide systems are fitted with a roll tex bearing to prevent the cover from drooping.

The brilliant style of the Markilux 1500 has been distinguished with an iF Product Design Award. The elegant aluminium moving arm part closes together with the attractive top gutter of the semi-cassette in complete harmony.

All Markilux covers included in the balcony and patio awning portfolio is available for selection.
A valance and/or shade plus are available as optional extras.

Manual drive with a stainless steel winding handle, an electric motor and remote control are available as optional extras.

Special equipment
Motor drives and remote control operation
Sun & wind sensors
Shade plus
Markilux heater
Halogen lights on the 1550 system
Wall mounted wall profile

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Markilux 5010 awning

The new Markilux 5010 system design shows itself to be modern and exclusive from the cassette to the fixing brackets. From its closed position the sleek profile flows harmoniously into its surroundings with a choice of cassette colour options including an optional unique "Nano coated self cleaning" finish.
Whatever angle you look at this system from you can see it is full of style and has a variety of option.
With it corrosion resistant and technically proven twin steel-linked chains arm components this awning is available up to a staggering 16 meters in width and an arm length of 4 meters.

Design features
  • The slim cassette awning with the elegant lines - from the design studio.
  • The cover profile is in the same colour as the cassette; This provides for an homogeneous appearance even when the awning is extended.
  • Attractive, rounded end caps complete the overall appearance of this slim cassette awning.
  • For long-lasting attractiveness the awning has been powder coated.
  • Attractive brackets; Design down to the last detail.
Technical highlights
  • Because of its superior design the markilux 5010 belongs to the sturdiest and most stable of awnings on the market in spite of its slender shape.
  • Front profile with integrated gutter and hidden water drainage spouts.
  • When closed the folding arms are protected from the weather by the cassette.
  • The extremely sturdy awning construction makes it possible to shade even very large areas safely.
  • The 85 mm roller tube ensures the highest rigidity and the best possible cover winding characteristics even at the largest widths.
Optional accessories
  • In the case of manual operation ease of use is ensured with the spring assisted gearbox.
  • Hard-wired motor drive (optionally with automatic controls) for simple, relaxed operation.
  • Radio-controlled motor with handheld transmitter for ease of operation - and ergonomically crafted for ease of use.
  • The shade plus creates an additional room on the patio. Protection from sun, wind and inquisitive glances in one.
  • Awning available in non-standard RAL colours

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Markilux 6000 awning

The Markilux 6000 is the Marlikux of innovations, with many fantastic ideas and the most advanced brilliance seen to date.
Its technology designed "bionic tendon" elbow joint ensures a friction free and virtually noiseless flexion of the folding arms thus making your Markilux even stronger and more durable than any other awning available.
Apart from the unique ways to individually configure your own awning, the Markilux 6000 comes in three different styles. The Club, The Studio & The Lounge offering frame, fabric and other features unique to this awning.
Available up to 14 meters wide and an arm length of 4 meters, this system is the finest compliment to the largest of patios.

Design features
Three different style lines - Club, Studio and Lounge - are perfectly matched to the range of styles seen in home architectures. The scope of design offers something for every taste, from the colourful through to the refined classical. Each line has its own range of colour and design options, which create individual accents to suit every preference.

The Markilux 6000 is a cassette awning with a new folding element in the arm hinge, aptly named the "bionic cord".

The latest highlight from the markilux-innovations team! This completely new technology ensures the friction-free, noiseless bending of the folding arms, every time.

Modular clip-on system
Yet another Markilux innovation: the modular clip-on system for attaching equipment. This system allows you to add extras to your awning at a later date - long after your Markilux has been installed.

The maximum dimensions of a single unit are 700 cm of width, with a drop of up to 400 cm. If a customer requests a wider system, it is possible to couple several units in order to achieve the over-all width required up to 1400 cm.

During the manufacturing process of all Markilux 6000 awnings, the lengths of cover fabric are adhesive welded in the drop direction using an ultrasonic welding process. They are highly weather-resistant and durable because the adhesive bonding creates a surface free from vulnerable seams. This also results in an improved appearance. The highly compressed surface welding is resistant to water, light and temperature fluctuations under all normal conditions.

The Markilux 6000 is supplied with a gearbox and stainless steel winding handle as standard. Optionally electric operation is available and on request even the newly developed, beautifully designed Markilux remote control is on offer.

Special options
Integrated lighting
Shade plus
Sun & wind automatic control sensor
Markilux Vibro box

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Refurbishment & recovering service

As with most things, they do have a life span and when your awning or canopy needs refurbishing, we are able to undertake this for you.

Perhaps you have an older fabric type, encountered some damage or are simply looking for a change, we are able to supply and fit a complete new fabric covering to almost all blinds, awnings and canopies.


Choose from our extensive fabric range by clicking on the Fabric PDF download

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