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Markilux 990 Prices

Instant Prices: Includive of installation, delivery, any colour or fabric. (excludes valance). For colours and fabric range click here for colour and fabric choices.

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There are many optional additions you can add to your awning but these are best discussed with one of our consultants as they are not all relevent to everybody. Please call our team on 0800 953 0199 for assistance and costs. * Please note that installation costs vary. For more information Click here.

Markilux Awnings at Aquarius Blinds

Escape from the beating sun, the drizzle and the winds this year with one of Markilux’s awnings.

They offer a range of awning types and designs to suit the requirements and budgets of every customer. Aquarius are the South East's leading Markilux stockists that can offer discounts and promotions straight from the manufacturer.

Choose Your Ideal Markilux Cassette awning model

We are familiar with every Markilux model and have listed the products in order of popularity as defined by Aquarius and from customer reviews. We are a Markilux main dealer.


Markilux Awnings on Sale NowMarkilux 990 Full Cassette Patio Awning


Markilux 990 Installation Costs

Every installation is different and costs vary considerably, however in this section we try to give a more accurate pricing based on the building type, brickwork, geographical location and any unforeseen obstacles that you may encounter.


If you are in any doubt, simply take a photograph of the area your considering having your awning and emailing it to us for advise



Geographical location.

Aquarius Blinds are based in Mitcham, Surrey. CR4 3BH. All our costs are based on a 20 mile radius of our factory excluding congestion charges for central London.

Additional costs will be charged for areas outside the 20 mile radius. If you require clarification, please contact one of our staff with your postcode.



Lifting or access equipment

Should you live on the 9th floor and want an awning, you will possible need to have the unit lifted by crane to the balcony or if you require an awning on high windows 5 or 6 meters from ground level, this also will require access equipment. This can only be priced on each application or installation of a Markilux 990.


Basic fixing method – Coach screw and plug

This method is used in general brick such as clay and engineering types or core concrete
Screw lengths vary depending on wall thickness and awning type/size.

We carry a variety from M12 to M16 and lengths up to 240mm long.

We carry a variety from M12 to M16 and lengths up to 240mm long


Fixing method – Chemical resin fixing

Anybody in the building trade will respect this as the ultimate method of fitting anything heavy to the softest of brick or block work.


This method is typical for fitting to lightweight blocks such as Celcon or Thermalite to reinforce the fitting area


This method is the strongest type available and the recommended choice for all our fitting teams

Following a process of drilling fixing locations, a mesh sleeve is inserted into the wall followed by a double mix of injected chemicals that when combine harden to a concrete type substrate. Prior to the hardening process, a threaded stud is inserted for bracket location
The hardening time varies depending on the air temperature between 5 and 20 minutes


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