French Pinoleum or Plated blinds

Original French Pinoleum blinds have been used for many years and are both practical and stylish. The blinds are made from veneers and reeds to allow natural light to filter into your room while absorbing the intense heat from the sun.

Woven together to form different shades, Pinoleum blinds are available in a choice of 20 different colours and have optional solar protective lining. There are a number of different rail colours to compliment your design choice and are finished with Acrylic braid to the edge for a first class appearance.

Roof blinds are available to suit the most complex of shapes, and manufactured in a roman style while window blinds are available in both "Roll up" and "Roman" designs.

Our blinds are available as manual, electric or solar control and produced with similar characteristics of the pleated roof blind. Coated stainless steel support guides guarantee smooth operation of the blind while the self tensioning sliders fitted to this system allows the customer to de-tension the blind for easy removal, cleaning and simple refitting without the need to have an engineer site visit with added costs.